Brooke has been such a huge boost to my business!  She has helped me with accounting, insurance, estimating/purchasing, website, and even personal tasks. I have had the time to pursue new leads, sign larger contracts, and have had more morning and evening time with my family. I would recommend her to everyone, and in my experience, Brooke’s efficiency pays for herself.

Luke M.

Brooke always conducts herself at the highest level of standards. Any project that she is given to complete she does so with complete professionalism. Brooke had direct association with our Board of Directors team and she did a fabulous job running the board meetings to ensure everything went smoothly. Brooke also did a superb job putting all the board and committee materials together. Brooke understands deadlines and never failed to complete projects within the required time frame. Brooke is a consummate professional and I can give her the highest level of recommendation for any job you may have.

Kathy R.

Brooke was very thorough in her standards of ethics, communication, and guidelines as my personal Virtual Assistant. She impressed me with her punctuality of our phone calls, building my website and teaching me other applications I was unaccustomed to. She has the patience of an angel as I was a rookie entrepreneur with my new business. Brooke brainstormed, questioned some of my decisions and helped me come to satisfactory decisions I was comfortable with.

I highly recommend Brooke for your Virtual Assistant!

Sondra S.

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