About Me


  • Professional Background:  I spent many years in New York, working for C-Level Executives in Financial Institutions.  While my background is a great foundation, I have received specialized training from AssistU, the gold standard of the Virtual Assistant industry.  The Virtual Mentoring Program offered by AssistU provides graduates with the necessary tools for a successful and sustainable Virtual Assistant practice
  • Partner for Success:  I love being a Virtual Assistant and view it as a privilege to support my clients.  Contributing to my clients’ success and helping them achieve their goals is my main priority.  I am extremely flexible and resourceful and have great intuition that I trust and use
  • Dedication:  I am highly committed to my work and dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations.  I am reliable and my word is my promise
  • Excellence:  I strive for excellence and will do what it takes to get a job done well and on time!
  • Organization:  I am highly organized and excel at putting order to things
  • Technology:  I am on the cutting edge of technology and information whenever possible
  • Integrity:  I hold myself and my business to the highest standard and will conduct myself with the highest degree of integrity and accountability


  • Cooking: I absolutely love to cook and am constantly scouring cookbooks and blogs for new recipes or recreating something I had at a restaurant.  I often don’t cook the same thing twice, I call it “chef’s choice”
  • Family: I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my new little nephew!
  • Travel Traveling opens the world up and expands your horizon, so I love to visit new places, meet different people, and experience delicious foods!
  • Reading/Learning I read as much as possible, whether it be news articles, cookbooks or mystery novels.  I also enjoy the challenge of learning and mastering something new
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